BFP has designed from scratch and developed a pioneering antifouling coating (, aiming to decrease biofouling on hulls, vessels and speed crafts. The antifouling attributes of the coating are present both in static and dynamic conditions, due to the innovative conception of a composite nanostructure, which drastically suppress the effects of increased hull roughness and biofilm adsorption.

This technology is also of benefit in many other sectors such as off-shore structures and fish farms.

And when it comes to glass protection, the MarineCoat series prevents deterioration and corrosion caused by sea salt. Surfaces are restored and maintained in their original state for many years. In addition, cleaning of coated glass becomes much easier, while wet weather visibility is dramatically improved. Typical examples include glass of:

  • Leisure boats

  • Mega yachts

  • Cruise ships

  • Catamarans

The MarineCoat portfolio includes single-step temporary coatings for glass specialists and maintenance crews, as well as permanent glass protection coatings in DIY kits.