Goals and Vision

Our groundbreaking innovations drive forward the evolution of surface protection. Starting from the smallest structural unit, one of the primary goals of BFP is to develop functionalized nano-structures and to incorporate them into a suitable matrix, in order to produce an eco-friendly material with useful properties, either for the end user or for the industry. Typical examples of such products are:

  • Permanent antimicrobial coatings
  • Easy-to-clean coatings for shower enclosures and building glass
  • Glass restoration/renovation suspensions
  • Anti-fouling coatings for marine vessels
  • Rain repellents for the automobile and the marine industry
  • Protective coatings against aluminum filiform corrosion
  • Anti-soiling coatings for solar panels, solar water heaters and CSP mirrors
  • Anti-static and anti-fog agents
  • Anti-fingerprint coatings for sandblasted glass
  • Protective coatings against delamination
  • Self-cleaning and anti-scratch coatings for plastics and metals
  • Chemical-mechanical polishing agents
  • Water purification systems

A key objective of our company is to continuously invest in scientific research to bring about substantial advances in state-of-the-art achievements. Within this context, BFP has also developed innovative materials, systems and methods for numerous applications, such as spinel nano-powders for the electronics industry, waste separation and exploitation techniques for the aluminum industry and power generation methods, through direct hydrogen production from water by magnetic catalysts. Both product quality and prompt service to customers are undoubted commitments of our company.
Facing some of the biggest scientific and technical challenges our vision in BFP is to deliver value to customers, to partners, to stakeholders and to citizens of the world.