BFP works on matters that make sense

A world of three dimensions. This is the world that we all live in, the only one that we can feel or sense. Sometimes, the use of modern technology, such as nanotechnology, can make things seem almost intangible. At BFP, we push the boundaries of science to synthesize and mass-produce advanced materials starting from one- and two-dimensional raw structures. To create however, innovative and sustainable solutions for common problems of the everyday world that we all realize.
This reality is reflected in our company’s primary objective. By combining scientific expertise with technical know-how and through implementation of a vertical production strategy, we create from scratch innovative products in Bulk, Film or Powder form with numerous, game-changing applications. We focus especially on the development of specialty materials and functional coatings, which can be easily applied to various surfaces, causing them to acquire amazing properties and characteristics.

A key element of our foundation is that we employ technologies that are totally unique: we hold application-specific patents which are protected either locally or at an international level.

Our pledge is what drives our motivation: to bridge the evolution of modern technology with people’s everyday needs.
Our purpose is what drives our creativity: to make people’s lives change.