Investing in innovation guarantees business continuity and prosperity.

Our network of distributors and dealers enjoys a number of benefits. By combining attractive pricing policy with a multidiversified portfolio of innovative products, we lay the foundations for long-term and prospective partnerships.
We suggest marketing tools and most importantly, we provide full technical support and guidance to our partners through fast communication. We pay attention to detail and performance to provide unique products that stand out from the competition. Our production process is ISO certified and adheres to strict quality standards. We have achieved official approvals from renowned organizations and institutes. This is why our specialty materials and coatings are the primary choice of major manufacturers.
Our company is focused on innovation and R&D activities, thus ensuring constant strategic benefits to our distributors’ network. The company’s management team has more than 30 years of experience in materials science and industrial applications – a documented history of success that supports BFP and guarantees business continuity and prosperity to anyone who joins our team.