Glass protection

Common surfaces often suffer from soiling, dust and limescale. Glass is an inherently high surface-energy material, which easily adsorbs contamination. Typical examples are:

  • Shower enclosures

  • Architectural glass

  • Residential, conservatory and commercial glazing of facades

  • Marine glass

  • Windshields and automotive glass

  • Automotive glass

  • Mirrors

  • Balustrades and glass pool fences

  • Sandblasted glass

  • Art glass

  • Kitchen splashbacks

By applying the NanoSkin coating series the glass surface properties are modified to resist limescale, contamination, fingerprints, fogging, etc.
The coatings are permanent. They are resistant to UV, abrasion and chemicals and do not change the optical properties of the glass substrate. Surfaces are restored and maintained in their original state for many years.
The NanoSkin portfolio includes products both for the industry and glass specialists/fabricators as well as for the end user in DIY kits.