Manual Application

NanoSkin and RenoV are truly revolutionary products which are trusted by major manufacturers and glass processors. Both products are TÜV tested and certified and can be applied by trained professional and approved applicators manually. Being a unique solution, NanoSkin and RenoV enable glass fabricators to differentiate themselves from the competition while providing to their customers specialty services of high added value. 


Based on the HyDroPTM technology, NanoSkin is a patented, permanent coating system which can be applied manually in 2 ways:

  1. By spaying and wiping into the surface. Thorough polishing of the coating is then required.



This option suits best small- and medium-scale projects.

b) Βy HVLP spray gun systems.



This option suits best medium-scale projects.


RenoV is the ultimate choice for restoring heavily stained, etched, corroded or even hairline-scratched glass. To maximize performance, it should be used in conjunction with a rotary polisher and a felt polishing disc.