Automatic Application

Thorasil is the industrial edition of our patented technology. Despite being a little less hydrophobic it has almost the same performance characteristics with NanoSkin. This means that it can provide to glass same easy-to-clean attributes as well as protection against soiling and staining.

Thorasil is the first-ever coating system that can be integrated into existing vertical glass washing machines. Implementation of Thorasil means enormous savings in coating equipment, such as automated coating machines, and a product that is superior to any other in the market today.

Its special formulation allows permanent coating and polishing of the glass pane in a single process. The coating is water stable after 5-10 minutes and then glass can be handled or processed as usual.

Glass has to be perfectly clean prior to application.

Main Benefits:

  • More than 75% reduction in labor costs.

  • Less than 30 sec per coating of panel.

  • Double sided coating within a single application.

  • Economic-only the exact amount of coating is applied.

  • No impact on the production flow.

  • Integration into existing vertical glass washing machines.

  • Enormous savings in equipment and in-line coating systems’ costs.

  • Storage stable. It is not affected by production interruptions.

  • Suitable for all types of glass surfaces.