Corporate Responsibility and Ethics

We fulfill our corporate responsibility through a series of activities. Focusing on the needs of our human resources, we offer incentives and always try to enhance their interaction with corporate initiatives as well as provide those safeguards that improve their experience within our organization. In addition, we take product quality very seriously, so we carefully select sources and suppliers and implement innovative quality control schemes to assess the way this is perceived by the end user. We cooperate closely with leading testing Institutes and Universities to assure safety and regulation compliance of the materials we use.

We are dedicated to conservation of natural resources. We concentrate our efforts on the reduction or elimination of VOC substances by replacing common solvent-born systems with water-based ones. Sometimes, we are also able to develop products in concentrated forms, which pose less environmental burden during transport.

Even more importantly however, our social responsibility stems out from the entire company’s philosophy. At BFP, we are not after short-term gains. This reality constitutes our overall strategy which is implemented in any phase of development, from administration, production and research to handling, transport and storage. It allows us to design and develop pioneering solutions for each individual and ultimately contributes to social, economic and environmental growth.
Time-enduring companies are dedicated to their mission, and built on trust-trust from our employees, customers, partners and the society. We are not willing to betray this trust. We therefore encourage anyone who interacts with BFP to report concerns or reservations. This is the right way of improving and this is how we have built our reputation. Our ethical culture runs through the entire enterprise. This gives us confidence and allow us to grow the right way.