Athens, March 27, 2015 – BFP Advanced Technologies, international developer and exclusive licensor of patented, easy-to-clean permanent nano-coating systems announced today the completion of a glass pane restoration and protection project at the RΕΑ Maternity Hospital - Gynecology Clinic. The Clinic was founded in 2007, based on the vision of a team of prominent obstetricians - gynecologists, with a significant scientific and professional presence. Their vision was to create an original, modern Clinic to cover the great gap in the field.

Armed with the trust of more than 450 distinguished doctors-shareholders, the creation of REA Clinic has been the greatest private investment in infrastructure and advanced medical technology.

TInside a modern building located in Athens at Siggrou Avenue, Palaio Faliro, REA Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art and high tech, fully digitalized medical equipment, which offer fast and accurate results, leading to the correct diagnosis, with shorter hospitalization time. The, 180 in total, rooms of the Clinic offer telemedicine and have been constructed according to the highest international standards.

The installation of an additional product of cutting edge technology, i.e. NanoSkin PRO, has also contributed to this calm and caring environment that every woman and mother needs. Application took place on March, 2015. Exterior glass panes suffered from long term exposure to pollution and noxious gases caused by road traffic. Erosion-driven damage on specific parts of the glass was permanent. In addition, the upright configuration of glass panes presupposed that cleaning could be undertaken only by professionals working at heights. However, this was a costly option, especially when frequent cleaning was necessary (e.g. after rain mud).

The building’s exterior glass, having an area of about 6,500 ft2 (or 600 m2) was fully restored and then coated by NanoSkin. Then, the same process was implemented at the glass roof of the Clinic’s main entrance. The entire project was completed in just 4 days. The results were once again, impressive. By the end of the restoration-protection operation, the President of Rea Clinic, as well as the employees and patients were amazed from the vusual appeal and clarity of the windows from the inside out.

“I have never seen such a clean glass!” admitted Mrs. J. Chalkia, patient of the Rea Clinic. “I just can’t stop watching rain droplets roll off of the glass pane! I will definitely try NanoSkin at home, too!”

“I am deeply impressed! I understood the connection of easy to clean properties with hydrophobicity of the treated glass as soon as I observed the water droplets rolling away from it. I realized that contaminants can no lo adhere to the surface”, explained Mr. Mitsakos – Barbayiannis Kyriakos, President of the Rea Clinic. “My expectation is that NanoSkin coated exterior glass will require two thirds fewer cleanings, which will make the project pay for itself in less than two years.”

A pregnant woman inside the REA Clinic noted: “Sometimes, I spend part of the day observing how the treated surfaces shed wind-driven rain droplets. They roll-off carrying dirt and deposits away. It is a fascinating spectacle!” And continued: “Maintaining a contaminant and germ free environment is critical in this place. NanoSkin has made me feel more secure about the clinic’s services. I have been convinced that the management team pays attention to detail.”

BFP has won several distinctions and awards being the leading glass company for years. It can provide on-site field services and has restored and protect some of the world’s most famous architectural structures, saving owners and property managers hundreds of thousands of dollars in cleaning and glass replacement costs.

Although it has been some time since the application of NanoSkin, the glass panes still retain high levels of transparency due to the coating’s self-cleaning mechanism. There has been no need for any window cleaning at all during the 18 months since NanoSkin was applied and the property manager has no plans for any cleaning route for the foreseeable future. Soon, the Board of Directors of the Rea Clinic aims to expand the application of NanoSkin on specific interior glass surfaces, as well.

“We have never had any doubts about the effectiveness of NanoSkin PRO, although its application was really challenging for every single one who has worked in this project”, stated Dr. Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Head of BFP Advanced Technologies. “Due to the upright configuration of the glass panes and to the extent of the application area, especially with regards to the restoration process, there were several technical difficulties. However, we managed to overcome them thanks to our team’s experience and professionalism of our partners.” He continued by saying: “I must point out, that NanoSkin isn’t just another water repellent or waterproof coating, but rather a unique restoration and protection coating system. Our restoration process is unique in its kind offering huge savings from glass replacement. Surfaces are completely renovated and at the same time, glass is protected from future damage, such as discoloring, staining and corrosion. Besides unparallel endurance, our coatings offer superior non-stick properties, like no other coating does!”

Award-winning BFP’s systems restore surfaces and treat them with an ultra thin invisible coating which is less prone to the adhesion and build-up of foreign materials. The NanoSkin AG nano-coating offers protection against various contaminants, such as graffiti and enables ease of cleaning, therefore significantly reducing maintenance costs. The nanocoating is optically clear and does not affect the substrate’s appearance. The overall aesthetics is also enhanced.

Based on the pioneering HyDRoPTM system, NanoSkin is the most durable system worldwide. Unlike coatings which are based on obsolete technology or treatments that require revitalizing to maintain performance and functionality, NanoSkin is a state of the art permanent coating. It is TÜV tested and certified.

Professional Applicators:Ecometrics Pc.