Athens, August 5, 2016 – BFP Advanced Technologies, international developer and exclusive licensor of patented, easy-to-clean permanent nano-coating systems announced today the completion of a restoration and anti-graffiti protection project for Piraeus Bank Group. Following the impressive results of the pioneering NanoSkin AG Ultra after its application on several branches of the Group, the Board of Directors decided that their benchmark privately owned building at the center of Athens should be also restored and protected. NanoSkin AG Ultra offers enhanced protection against graffiti along with extraordinary self cleaning properties.

BEFORE ΝanoSkin AG Ultra
The application surface was a colored organic finishing render (Stolit MP) having an area of about 1,600 ft2 (or 150 m2).

AFTER ΝanoSkin AG Ultra
The old building suffered from frequent vandalism and graffiti. The extensive damage caused from graffiti especially resulted in recurring building refurbishment efforts. Sometimes, the vandalism was caused just the day after the completion of the refurbishment process! Due to the latter’s high labor costs the management team of the Piraeus Bank Group decided that the NanoSkin AG Ultra had to be installed at the front facade of the building. Finally, the application took place on July, 2016.

“The bank’s board of directors was sick of damages caused by graffiti, so in my point of view the award-winning NanoSkin AG coating was the only viable solution”, commented Dr. I. Andreou, in charge of the professional applicators’ crew. “Application was really straightforward. We knew that the building has been a benchmark of the Bank Group with many years of history. Structural components were quite old, so we were a bit worried about the outcome. All’s well that end well! We restored the building and protected it against future damage from graffiti. I am extremely satisfied and I believe the bank’s board of directors is satisfied, too!”.

Up to now, the external view of the building remains intact. Cost savings during this period is enormous. At the same time, the use of toxic anti-graffiti cleaners has been eliminated.

“We were confident about the results”, commented Dr. Xenia Vourna, Head of quality control department in BFP Advanced Technologies, who specializes in the structural characterization of materials.“We have implemented an accurate quality control system and our award-winning coatings have been extensively tested in various conditions. NanoSkin AG Ultra is a pioneering product which protects porous mineral surfaces from graffiti. It has exceptional properties, especially with regards to endurance, resistance to chemicals and cleanability. The graffiti can be removed from a treated surface by a common graffiti remover or alcohol. The coating will be still functional after more than 10 cleaning procedures”, explained Dr. Vourna.

Dr. Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Head of BFP Advanced Technologies, stated: “Our portfolio consists of pioneering products which offer viable solutions to everyday needs. We find uncommon solutions to common problems and innovative effectiveness has been our strategic orientation for years. Within this context, we worked hard to develop an advanced material, such as the NanoSkin prominent anti-graffiti coating. It has a huge potential to address the needs of architects, construction companies, maintenance companies, building owners, property managers, etc. and therefore, I strongly believe that in the near future NanoSkin AG Ultra will be a necessary feature to buildings.”

Award-winning BFP’s systems restore surfaces and treat them with an ultra thin invisible coating which is less prone to the adhesion and build-up of foreign materials. The NanoSkin AG nano-coating offers protection against various contaminants, such as graffiti and enables ease of cleaning, therefore significantly reducing maintenance costs. The nanocoating is optically clear and does not affect the substrate’s appearance. The overall aesthetics is also enhanced.

Based on the pioneering HyDRoPTM system, NanoSkin is the most durable system worldwide. Unlike coatings which are based on obsolete technology or treatments that require revitalizing to maintain performance and functionality, NanoSkin is a state of the art permanent coating. It is TÜV tested and certified.

Professional Applicators:Ecometrics Pc.