• NanoSkin [PRO] for shower glass
  • NanoSkin [PRO] for shower glass

NanoSkin [PRO]

Antisticking to soiling and limescale.

Based on the HyDRoPTM system, the leading patented technology for permanent shower glass protection.

NanoSkin forms on glass surfaces an invisible, highly enduring coating which renders them anti-sticking to limescale, dust and contaminants, thus allowing much easier cleaning, less often.

NanoSkin also prevents glass deterioration caused by deposits and corrosion.

The Hybrid Robust Protection (HyDRoPTM) system

The (HyDRoPTM) system is a patented technology of BFP. It is an innovative protective coating system for glass surfaces.
(HyDRoPTM) effectively combines the properties of both inorganic and organic materials within a multi-functional non-stick (easy-to-clean) invisible coating.
Activation of the surface promotes the development of a large number of free active sites, on which the protective coating is anchored. The latter shares electrons with the substrate and ultimately, a permanent covalent bond (about 230 Kilo-joule per mol) between them is formed. As a result, the coating exhibits an unparallel resistance to chemicals, temperature changes, UV and abrasion.

(HyDRoPTM) is a trademark of BFP Advanced Technologies.

Maintenance Instructions.

    •Always clean the surface with water and a soft sponge or with a mild detergent and a microfiber cloth. Then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. You may also use a squeegee. A cleaning brush with soft fibers is also highly recommended. This will speed up the cleaning process even more.

    •Do not use abrasive means, such as abrasive powders, harsh cleaning means and cleaners as they may damage the protective coating.

    •In order to remove strongly adhered dirt and deposits use soapy water or diluted white vinegar (1 part vinegar to at least 3 parts water). The latter should be preferably allowed to soak for several minutes. A micro-fiber cloth should then be used for wiping over the coating’s surface.


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