NanoSkin [PRO]

Antisticking to soiling and limescale.

Based on the HyDRoPTM system, the leading technology for permanent glass protection.

NanoSkin is a patented 3-component coating system that renovates glass and makes it easy-to-clean. Surfaces obtain their original beauty and shine and they are protected from staining and corrosion.

The coating obtained by NanoSkin is invisible and highly enduring. It renders glass anti-sticking to soiling, limescale, contamination, dirt and dust, thus allowing much easier cleaning, less often.

The Hybrid Robust Protection (HyDRoPTM) system

The (HyDRoPTM) system is a patented technology of BFP. It is an innovative protective coating system for glass surfaces.
(HyDRoPTM) effectively combines the properties of both inorganic and organic materials within a multi-functional non-stick (easy-to-clean) invisible coating.
Activation of the surface promotes the development of a large number of free active sites, on which the protective coating is anchored. The latter shares electrons with the substrate and ultimately, a permanent covalent bond (about 230 Kilo-joule per mol) between them is formed. As a result, the coating exhibits an unparallel resistance to chemicals, temperature changes, UV and abrasion.
(HyDRoPTM) is a trademark of BFP Advanced Technologies.


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