Athens, July 1, 2016 – BFP Advanced Technologies, international developer and exclusive licensor of patented, easy-to-clean permanent nano-coating systems announced today the completion of a glass protection project at the modern Chios Mastic Museum. The Museum is located in the Greek island Chios, in the region of the Mastichochoria. It is the only place in the Mediterranean where the variety Pistacia lentiscus Chia, i.e. the mastic crop is cultivated. In the museum a permanent exhibition is held. It aims to chart the technique of the gum mastic tree's traditional cultivation, and to present the product's history, the evolution of the pre-industrial and industrial technology for the production, exploitation and marketing of gum mastic, as well as to showcase its different uses. The traditional cultivations of mastic has been registered by UNESCO in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2014 and the permanent exhibition focuses on the gum mastic of Chios as a unique product.

The island environment is a strong corrosive factor for any glass surface. Over time the glass panes of the museum would deteriorate, unless a protective coating was used. The famous NanoSkin ULTRA coating system was chosen as an eco-friendly, low maintenance feature for protecting the glass panes, mainly of the exterior facade. The project completed just before the official opening of the museum on June, 2016.

The leading NanoSkin coating protects glass from long-term damage and since application it has reduced cleaning costs significantly. At the same time, the overall aesthetic beauty of the museum has been largely improved. Thanks to NanoSkin the appearance of coated surfaces remains striking. After each cleaning cycle, the original shine, clarity and transparency of glass surfaces, is restored in like-new condition, thus the museum becomes attractive to its visitors.

Dr. I. Andreou in charge of the professional applicators’ crew commented: “It was a perfectly-executed project. Our clients have been impressed by the results and they are willing to expand the application area of NanoSkin to the interior surfaces, too.”

BFP has won several distinctions and awards being the leading glass company for years. It can provide on-site field services and has restored and protect some of the world’s most famous architectural structures, saving owners and property managers hundreds of thousands of dollars in cleaning and glass replacement costs.

“The Mastic Museum reflects the tradition of Chios Island in the production of a unique product, namely mastic. NanoSkin is also unique in its sector. The Museum’s modern design needs sufficient protection and special features to highlight its prominence, so I cannot think of a better match than NanoSkin”, stated Mr. S. Xafakis, Head of BFP’s Application Operations.

Award-winning BFP’s systems restore surfaces and treat them with an ultra thin invisible coating which is less prone to the adhesion and build-up of foreign materials. The NanoSkin AG nano-coating offers protection against various contaminants, such as graffiti and enables ease of cleaning, therefore significantly reducing maintenance costs. The nanocoating is optically clear and does not affect the substrate’s appearance. The overall aesthetics is also enhanced.

Based on the pioneering HyDRoPTM system, NanoSkin is the most durable system worldwide. Unlike coatings which are based on obsolete technology or treatments that require revitalizing to maintain performance and functionality, NanoSkin is a state of the art permanent coating. It is TÜV tested and certified.

Professional Applicators:Ecometrics Pc.