Athens, August 25, 2016 – BFP Advanced Technologies, international developer and exclusive licensor of patented, easy-to-clean permanent nano-coating systems announced today the completion of a challenging glass restoration and protection project at the dolphins’ aquarium of the Attica Zoological Park (AZP).

AZP receives hundreds of thousands of visitors of all ages, every year. Founded in May 2000, the Park, a self-funded creation, extends to a total area of 20 hectares, hosting more than 2000 animals from 350 different species. It has established as the biggest Zoo in Southeast Europe and a global-scale thematic park with reference to the protection of biodiversity. In this context, raising public awareness of the animal kingdom and an effort to preserve or even breed the endangered species - some 60% of the zoo's animals are rare or even threatened by extinction - are among the founders’ main objectives. Τhe Park is a member of EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) and, as such, conforms to strict guidelines regarding animal husbandry, conservation, education and security.

In 2010, 4 dolphins and 2 California sea lions became members of AZP's family. They are hosted inside a special vivarium and twice a day, educational shows concerning the life of dolphins are performed. The visitors can observe these beautiful sea mammals from a close distance and also learn more about their physiology, behavior and the dangers they face.

The spectators can watch the show from the stage around the aquarium. Six large glass panes have been installed at the stage’s center to provide view inside the aquarium. These are made of multilayered laminated safety glass in order to withstand knocks by the dolphins, as well as the intense hydrostatic pressure.

Since May, 2015, there were complaints regarding reduced glass transparency, due to accumulation of hard water deposits, which restricted the view through the panes. The Park’s service crew had literally tried everything, but minerals remained. Powerful chemicals and descaling agents had no results at all! Replacement of the glass panes was not an option, due both to increased cost and technical difficulties; for example, more than 2,000 m3 of water had to be emptied and the dolphins had to be transferred to another place.

The effectiveness of NanoSkin Pro was tested for the first time on June, 2016. After outstanding product performance and visual appeal, the Park’s Administration contracted with BFP for an extensive restoration and protection process, in lieu of a costly replacement of glass panes.

After an extensive renovation process, the specialized crew of BFP Advanced Technologies managed to fully restore glass staining. Due to heavy corrosion and wear the restoration process lasted 3 days. Dr. V. Malliari, BFP’s R&D specialist stated: “Our glass restoration products have been designed and developed to address heavy staining, caused by severe sea salt corrosion. We have plenty of examples, where restoration of deeply stained glass was 100% successful, so we had no worries about the outcome of the restoration process of the Park’s glass panes, despite the fact that these were heavily corroded and that they have been further damaged by the use of inappropriate chemicals.”

The glass panes were then coated by the pioneering NanoSkin protective film to prevent future damage, staining and discoloring, thes are easily cleaned up. The result is every time astonishing-glass obtains its original beauty and shine without the use of toxic cleaners and harmful chemicals, thus the health of dolphins is secured.

The founder of the Park Mr. Jean-Jacques Lesueur, explained: “The glass panes of the vivarium were seriously damaged. Our research led us to BFP. By the end of the restoration process the difference was striking! I could not believe it! Dolphins have been the “must see” of our Park and after the application of NanoSkin the educational performance became more vivid. Visibility inside the vivarium is now excellent; therefore the spectators have a unique opportunity to live a fantastic experience! I really enjoyed my cooperation with the professionals of BFP and I am looking to incorporate more restoration and protection projects across the Park.”

BFP has won several distinctions and awards being the leading glass company for years. It can provide on-site field services and has restored and protect some of the world’s most famous architectural structures, saving owners and property managers hundreds of thousands of dollars in cleaning and glass replacement costs.

Dr. Nikolaos Papadopoulos, CEO of BFP Advanced Technologies, stated: “This is another great example of the innovative services BFP has offered to its prestigious partners in the last few years. However, this one gave us the opportunity to bring out the unparallel benefits and the true value of our flagship product, namely NanoSkin PRO. The restoration process was a splendid proof of our products’ potential. NanoSkin remains the world’s leading technology among easy to clean coatings and restoration systems.”

Finally, Mr. Sotiris Xafakis, Head of BFP’s Application Operations, mentioned: “The renovation process was really challenging. It provided huge cost savings from glass replacement. At the same time, the protective coating ensures that cleaning will be from now on a breeze, without the need of using desalinating products and toxic cleaners.” Then, he continued by noting: “Besides indisputable benefits for the spectators, the application of NanoSkin manifested the sensitivity of the Park’s management team on issues concerning the animals’ health. The easy to clean coating will minimize the use of chemicals, which may be dangerous to the health of dolphins, while it will contribute to the protection of the environment.”

Award-winning BFP’s systems restore surfaces and treat them with an ultra thin invisible coating which is less prone to the adhesion and build-up of foreign materials. The NanoSkin AG nano-coating offers protection against various contaminants, such as graffiti and enables ease of cleaning, therefore significantly reducing maintenance costs. The nanocoating is optically clear and does not affect the substrate’s appearance. The overall aesthetics is also enhanced.

Based on the pioneering HyDRoPTM system, NanoSkin is the most durable system worldwide. Unlike coatings which are based on obsolete technology or treatments that require revitalizing to maintain performance and functionality, NanoSkin is a state of the art permanent coating. It is TÜV tested and certified.

Professional Applicators:BFP’s crew.